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Bardibas is a former VDC in Mahottari District in the Janakpur Zone of south-eastern Nepal. It was merged with Gaurivas, Kisan Nagar and Maisthan VDCs to Bardibas Municipality. It is directly connected to two Highways i.e Mahendra Highway which is extended from east to west of Nepal and BP Highway which is Connected from Dhulikhel to Bardibas itself. Bardibas is an halt for those who want to proceed towards north Sindhuli Gadhi, or south Aurahi, Gaushala, Jaleshwar Ramnagar, west Birgunj, east Janakpur. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census Bardibas VDC had a population of 6049 people living in 1090 households.[1] as To Promote local culture, Bardibas has two FMs station named "samuyadik radio bardibas 94 MHZ. and community Radio Sungabha 107MHZ.It has some Hotels also now.Some of them are Included Below; 1.Gautam Hotel 2.Binayak Hotel 3.Hotel Pawan Mithila